VUGen or Virtual User Generator is an IDE.
	VUGen is a Performance Testing tool used to replicate
	System Under Load (SUL) behavior.

	Pioneered by Mercury in 1999, later acquired by HPE in 2006.
	In 2016, Loadrunner was acquired by MicroFocus.

	Once a VUser script is finalized, Controller is the main component
	which controls the Load simulation.

	VUsers for an HTTP script will require 2-4MB per VUser for simulation,
	hence 4 machines with 4 GB RAM each will be required to simulate a load of 10,000 VUsers.

	Performance Testing is a discipline concerned with testing and reporting
	the current performance of a software application under various parameters.

	Performance engineering is the process by which software is tested
	and tuned with the intent of realizing the required performance.

	La suite Loadrunner a 4 composants:
	- The Virtual User Generator or VuGen records end-user business processes
		and creates an automated performance testing script, known as a Vuser script.
	- The Controller organizes, drives, manages, and monitors the load test.
	- Analysis helps you view, dissect, and compare the results of the load tests.
	- Load Generators are computers that run Vusers to generate a load on the system.

Structure d'un script --------------------------------------------------

	Vuser_init(1re section exécutée durant initialisation)
	Action (used to record the business process)
	Vuser_end (used to logout of the application)

Quel protocole d'enregistrement?
	To use Protocol Advisor, go to Record => Protocol Advisor => Analyze Application

Transactions -----------------------------------------------------------

	//open a transaction
	lr_start_transaction("Transaction Name");

	// close a transaction
	lr_end_transaction("Transaction Name");
status tells LoadRunner whether this particular transaction was successful or unsuccessful LR_AUTO LoadRunner will automatically handle server error (HTTP 500, 400 etc.) LR_PASS LR_FAIL Example:
	lr_end_transaction("My_Login", LR_AUTO);
	lr_end_transaction("001_Opening_Dashboard Name", LR_PASS);
	lr_end_transaction("Business_Workflow_Transaction Name", LR_FAIL);
Period (.) character is not allowed in transaction name, although you can use spaces and underscore. Charger une dll --------------------------------------------------------
	myfun();  /* defined in mydll.dll -- can be called directly, 
                immediately after mydll.dll is loaded. */
Exécution -------------------------------------------------------------- F5 Rendezvous Points lr_rendesvous(“rdv_Logical Name”); Rendezvous points instruct VUser to wait during test execution for multiple VUser to arrive at a certain point, so that they may concurrently perform a task. Syntaxe ---------------------------------------------------------------- c is a case-sensitive language Types These are equivalent:
		char *example = "abcd" "efgh";
		char *example = "abcdefgh";
\x24 is 16*2+4=36, which is a $ sign \x2B is + sign \x2 is not a valid 2–character hexadecimal sequence. Use \x02, instead. In Vugen scripts, you need to explicitly declare C functions that do not return integers extern char* strtok(char *token, const char *delimiter); In Linux C scripting, wchar_t and functions returning a struct or union are not supported for functions from external libraries. For example, div_t div(int a, int b) is not supported. Signals Load Generators control Vusers by sending SIGHUP, SIGUSR1, and SIGUSR2 Linux signals. Do not use these signals in your Vuser scripts. Fonctions référence ---------------------------------------------------- function_reference/FuncRef.htm Sockets Install ---------------------------------------------------------------- guide-to-download-and-install-hp-loadrunner-12-0.html télécharger archive extraire archive lancer install télécharger Webtours, lancer le msi pour installer apache, Recording -------------------------------------------------------------- Recording HTML based script ou URL based script? HTML based script * script size is small * preferable when we want to measure an entire page URL based script * Script size is larger * Préférable pour mesurer le chargement d'un composant de la page Lancer apache (par le batch) Cliquer sur record, naviguer ( identiant jojo mdp bean) stopper enregistrement Correlation Correlation replay: il ne trouve pas le session ID Identifier les valeurs à corréler Pour identifier quoi correler, lancer deux tests et comparer la sortie avec un diff: le session ID est ce qui est diférent. à variabiliser avec Après la requête (web_url()) clic droit/insert Step Le Step Toolbox apparait, rechercher web_reg_save_param
			"LB="Name=Jsession", "value=",
			Left Boundary et Right boundary

			"ParamName=User_Session_param", // nom de la variable
			"LB=\"left boundary\"",
			"RB=\"right boundary\"",
Puis changer les valeurs par {variable} barre d'outils/cliquer sur Design studio sélectionner la variable et cliquer sur correler: il met une varibale Fermer le studio il a ajouté web_reg_save_param_attrib dans le code si Google chrome erreur auth et 401: spécificité de chrome qui se connecte en arrière-plan chez google. Menu Record/Recording options/Mapping and Filtering->Traffic filtering Se connecter à webtours produira ce script:
	/*Possible OAUTH authorization was detected.
	It is recommended to correlate the authorization parameters.*/

	web_set_sockets_option("SSL_VERSION", "2&3");

	//web_add_header("Upgrade-Insecure-Requests", "1");

	//web_url() Loads the specified Web page (GET request)


	return 0;
Replay Menu Replay/Runtime settings (F4) Run logic/Number of iterations indique le nombre d'exécutions Mettre 2. Pacing: temps entre deux itérations Preparing Menu View/Step navigator rechercher clic droit, show arguments Cliquer sur seatpref/ABC parameter properties Bouton Add: ajouter Aisle, Window, None et cliquer Close puis OK il a remplacé: "Name=seatPref", "Value={seat}", ENDITEM, Donc à chaque itération, il remplacera la valeur par un nouveau type de fauteuil How do I verify Web page content? Text check. Checks that a text string appears on a web page. Image check. Checks for an image on a web page. On va faire un text check pour vérifier si Find Flight se trouve bien dans la page de réservations Step Navigator rechercher Submit Form: VuGen toolbar, click the Show Snapshot pane Step Navigator/double-clic sur menu/View/Steps Toolbox et rechercher web_reg drag web_reg_find & drop juste avant web_submit_form() search for specifi text: écrire FindFlight Et cliquer ok: il ajoute le web_reg_find() Lors de l'exécution il dira s'il le trouve ou pas How can I produce debugging information? dans Step Navigator rechercher image:SignOffButton double-cliquer dessus Steps toolbox/Common/ localiser lr_output_message le draguer juste avant web_image() Message Text: The flight was booked Pour un message d'erreur c'est pareil lr_error_message() F4/internet protocol/preferences sélectionner image and text check et OK et replay Références -------------------------------------------------------------